About Us

Our website is designed to showcase different types of Art work.  When we find the right artists to show case we will feature them. 

We will also bring you different types of art supplies. 

May be you can find your creative side. 

The world is full of stress, you might find a way to relax, and enjoy more of life.

Our primary artist on our site is Teri Gustafson. 

Teri has been an artist all of her life. 

She is from a small town in Northwestern Minnesota. She grew-up on a small family farm. 

She has worked with many different  mediums :charcoal, pastels,as well as pencil and/or ink drawings. Here are some samples:


She has also designed and made cakes and wedding cakes. Here are some samples:


How ever for the last twelve years her passion has been in Spray Paint Art. She does it for the fun and to relax.  

We hope you enjoy the paintings of hers that we are showcasing here.